When I start a project I like to start with paper and pen (pencil) it is a much easier way to get ideas, layout and design down immediately.  Here are a few concepts that I have created.

Tools of the Trade


Using different markers, pens, pencils and sometimes watercolors helps me free ideas onto paper and closer to digitizing the concepts onto a computer screen.  From illustrations to digital work the process can sometimes be moderately slow or fast depends on what is being done.



Building the Design


Adding interest to the underside of the design sometimes helps or hurts the illustration, the simplicity of each illustration when drawn by hand has a nicer handling than a hard statement of a digital design. 


some of the software that I use to go from hand drawn illustration to digital designs, Corel Painter12, Art Director, Sketchbook Pro, Mischief and Adobe.


Thumbnails for All Your Galleries


Here are a few marker and pen illustrations that I used for my Senior Project, a children's Audubon Book on nature in Southern Mississippi.  The book highlighted animals, insects, plants and trees from birth to growth.

Scroll down to see thumbnails from the next gallery.




Other Designs I am Working On

While I do love to just draw I also and like to share some of my ideas with others.  These ideas are sometimes good and other times work in progress.  

Working for Non Profits & Volunteering

A great way to work as a graphic designer when you are looking for work is to volunteer your skills and services to non-profits and other organizations that might not ever hire a graphic designer to create on their behalf.  I found that doing this type of work is very rewarding in its own and has opened more doors and options when it comes to working.  Internships are also a means of working (many times without pay) that help me continue to work and update my skills as I progress through my career.  The likely hood of finding a job does come out of giving back to my community when they call.  I have worked at Lutheran Services taking photos for the Grand opening of their new facility in Wilmington, DE (Summer 2015). and designing exhibit signs, newsletters, posters and other artwork for the Brandywine Zoo, Wilmington, DE (Summer2015- present).  The Academy Project, Los Angeles, CA hired me two years ago to create a logo that they would use to represent their organization.  Within a few days we had come up with a design that is now being used on their website, letterhead, business cards and other collateral throughout the organization.  I am very proud of this design.










Keeping Up with Social Networking

Using social networking has allowed me the opportunity to work with non-profits, parks services and co-wrokers who all desired the help of my skills.  Facebook allows me to showcase my artwork on my personal profile page and LinkedIn helps me with job searches, resume uploads and opportunities to join groups with similar interests.  Twitter is a great way to put out a call for shows and events, Instagram allows for likes and loves from others who also work in graphics to follow what you do. Anyway you look at it if used correctly social networking can be your friend when looking for work and other connections.