Being a graphic designer is more than just creating amazing works of art  or illustrating and idea using color, patterns and type.  Knowing how to be inventive with those elements to solve problems, organize thoughts and execute them makes me a better graphic designer.  

  Schonda Carey Self Portraits  


Schonda Carey Self Portraits


Get to Know Schonda Carey Artist & Illustrator

I have evolved over time as a graphic designer, using colors, patterns, lettering, shapes, and beyond to express what I do.  In those years I become competent enough to organize my ideas and creations into cleaver logos, illustrations, and marketing campaigns.  When I don't know something I do the research immediately to figure out how and why that process is performed that way.  I find that being creative and sharing that knowledge makes me a suitable artist that keeps me constants, While I do sketch as my basic start to any job I find that getting those ideas down quickly works best.  Keeping my creativity open to innovative ideas as well as staying up-to-date with the latest software also helps.

From working with large format printers and scanners to color matching printer settings and color separating designs for printing my skills as a graphic designer have expanded beyond just designing.